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The Truth

A dream is an answer to a question we haven't learnt how to ask yet...

25 June
Basics: I'm 27, from Sheffield (a Yorkshire lass and proud), and graduated in 2006 with a first-class degree in Egyptology from the University of Liverpool, and then again in 2010 with a BSc in Diagnostic Radiography. I have now sold my soul to the NHS in exchange for regular monies XD

Nicknames: Saz, Dev, Devnish, SarDev, Spaz, Sazzle, Beanie, Sazzibobble, Batman.

Marital Status: I am married to my wonderful husband Paul who is the most incredible person I know. We have been together for 9 years.

Known for: Being very accident-prone. Being very short. Being very cuddly and apparently very sweet (though having an admirable temper once you piss her off). Being muscial. Being clever (apparently). Being annoyingly difficult to get annoyed at. Being giggly. Talking too much. Saying sorry too much.

I married les_paulio at marry_a_ljuser!!

Humane Society International

made by _onebreath

made by _onebreath

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